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We’re nearly there! Full re-opening soon (but open for some events now!)

That time that we have all been waiting for, a return to the “new normal”, will soon be upon us but did you realise that there are some events that we can host now?

We are open for children’s parties as long as they are either “Out of School activities” or are being run by a professional entertainer?

Also, because we are a Covid Secure venue, we are a bit like a pub/restaurant. We can have 50% of the normal capacity to ensure social distancing as long as we don’t sit more than 6 people closer than 2 metres from another group of 6. Each group of six can consist of 6 individuals from 6 different households. However, once a group of 6 has been formed they can’t socially interact with any other group of 6 at that meeting of event.

We appreciate that this is all a bit complicated but if you would like to hold a meeting at the Hall why not contact Robin, the Bookings Secretary, either on 01959 525181 or e-mail him (better idea!) at He’ll be happy to explain the current rules to you.

Many of you may not have seen the Players’ Hall and kitchen since we undertook the refurbishment recently. Well, we haven’t been sitting on our laurels and much more work has been going on during the period when we have been closed. Come along and see what a brilliant facility we now have in the village.

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